Repair shops


The repair and construction company “AVL-BUD” will perform a full range of construction, installation and repair works of any complexity, qualitatively and on time!

Repair of the store is, first of all, the face of the owner. Yes, yes, not only is a quality product important for the store. A very important point is the creation of an enabling environment for buyers. The correct selection of color and style in the design of the store contributes to increasing purchasing power and supports, and sometimes increases the interest in the proposed products.

A shop with a good repair affects the trust of customers to the quality of products offered in the institution. Specialists of our company are ready to put in order the facade of your shop and its interior decoration in accordance with modern and European standards.

Specialists of the company AVL-BUD exactly follow the design project, which takes into account all your wishes. A design project is created jointly with you. The repair of the store is carried out by our specialists with the exact observance of the project and according to the approved documentation, as well as the settlement of all agreements and documents in the necessary instances.